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IL.Eastside Centre F2-F4.2024.16x9
IL.Eastside Centre F2-F4.2024
IL.Johnston City.2024.16x9
IL.Johnston City.2024


Ladue Ram's Stadium Opener ATG Video 09.09.19

Ladue Ram's Stadium Opener ATG Video 09.09.19



Parkway Central Football Field
Sponsorship field signage to support fundraising


We can help make your RamTurf field a reality through creative fundraising strategies customized for your community. Request Field Marketing information today!

Lawton High School Sports Complex

ATG Sports Most Improved Facility for 2023

Referenc Letter
OK.Lawton MacArthur SB.2023.jpg
Design for Lathrop Football Field




ATG Sports offers several benefits for clients looking to design and construct sports facilities:

Single Point of Contact: ATG Sports takes responsibility for the entire project, from design to construction, manufacturing, installation, warranty, and service. This streamlined approach ensures clear communication, efficient decision-making, and a seamless integration of all project elements.

Expertise and Experience: With over 40 years in the industry, ATG Sports has gained extensive. knowledge in designing sports facilities for optimal performance and value. They have completed over 500+ turf fields and 700+ total projects, including installations for Olympic training facilities, top universities, professional teams, military, public and private schools, city park and recreation clubs.

Attention to Detail: Testimonials from clients highlight ATG Sports' commitment to providing quality advice, service, and workmanship during every phase of the design and construction process. Our professionalism, integrity, and passion in our work is evident in the finished product.

Seamless Construction Equipment: ATG Sports is equipped with a full range of construction equipment, including heavy machinery for base construction of artificial turf and running tracks. This allows them to maintain control over the quality and timing of the projects they undertake.

Value and Long-Term Liability Reduction: ATG Sports prides itself on providing the best value, exceptional quality, and the least long-term liability in the sports surfacing industry. Their installations are designed to be efficient, long-lasting, and cost-effective for clients.


By choosing ATG Sports as their partner in sports facility design and construction, clients can benefit from a comprehensive and efficient process, experienced professionals, and high-quality results that meet their performance, budget, and timeline requirements.

Design Build

ATG Tractor


RamTurf logo

ATG Sports is dedicated to delivering the highest quality with our exclusive RamTurf products. Our philosophy is simple: with RamTurf, your sports field will look and perform like natural grass on its best day, every day. We prioritize your long-term liability by manufacturing only the highest grade products that exceed performance expectations and come with a warranty. Additionally, RamTurf products are completely customizable to match your specific sports surface needs.


“In the end, we chose ATG for their top-notch reputation for quality and customer service. Their bid provided the most value to build all 9 turf fields within our budget... One thing of the things that stood out the most was ATG's amazing simple construction process. They worked meticulously to provide us with everything we wanted and then some. We communicated directly to make swift decisions and keep the project moving...”

-Mr. Kevin Hime / Superintendent / Lawton Public Schools

Soccer fields

Disaster Relief: Revive Your Stadium

Picking up the pieces following a flood or other natural disaster can be emotional, time consuming, and costly. Let ATG Sports guide you through the process. Our experienced personnel have helped numerous customers revive their sports stadiums while limiting cost and meeting strict time constraints.

Fields after natural disaster
Soccer fields


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ATG Sports proudly uses RamTurf - The Safest Turf on Earth
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